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  • Do you delivery out of state?
    Yes, we can arrange for shipment to your location.
  • How long have you been dismanteling barns?
    Over 25 Years.
  • Do you carry insurance?
  • Do you furnish a written proposal?
    Yes. We provide a proposal for each project on an individual basis.
  • How are payments structured?
    Payments are based on each individual project and scheduled per each phase. Proposals are provided prior to start of project.
  • What is the difference between hand-hewn and sawn timber?
    Hand-hewn timber are squared with a broad axe and adze and are rough with uneven surface. They have irregular ??? marks, prior to saw mills hand hewing is how timber were made square. Sawn timber are generally smoother in appearance. They show either vertical or circular saw marks. Straight marks indicate early saw mill or pit sawn, circular marks indicate later saw mills.
  • Do you do barn removal and cleanup?
    Yes, proposal is based on each individual structure.
  • What species of wood do you find in old barns?
    Oak and Hemlock are the most popular in our region. However, we do come across Chestnut, Walnut, Poplar, and Pine on occassion.
  • Do you buy barns?
    Yes, occassionally if it is in excellent condition and has a desirable look and layout.
  • Do you sell historic barn frames as new homes or venue buildings?
    Yes, we supply and erect many timber frames for many different uses such as barn homes, additions, garages, pool houses, event spaces, shops, man caves, she sheds, guest houses , studios and vacation homes.
  • Do you reassemble your barn frames?
    Yes, we reassemble the timber frames. We can also reassemble timber frames dismantled by othes or new timber frames cut by others.
  • Do you sell your reclaimed wood for retail?
    Please visit to see our selection of reclaimed wood and other architectural salvaged items.
  • How can I found out if my barn is restorable?
    We provide evaluations of historic structures. Please contact us for your specific needs.
  • What other services do you provide?
    We perform historic restoration and preservation of buildings prior to 1900.
  • What are your prices?
    Depending on age, size of beams, type of beams and condition. Prices range anywhere between 80k to 120k including frame dismantlement, repair & re-assembly on your site foundation and deck. Roofing and siding is additional expense with many variation. Call 908-812-1003 or Email for more details.
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